Ibiza Birthday Part Two: Beaches and Clubs

Ibiza Beaches

After the birthday celebrations we had plenty of beach time in Ibiza.  Throughout the week we spent our days at our local beach Playa d’en Bossa in the south, another southern beach ses Salines, Cala Comte, my very favorite beach in the north-west, and Cala Benirrás in the north.

While we still had sunshine, this year the weather at the end of May wasn’t perfect beach weather – the mornings were usually cloudy or overcast but it’d clear away by the afternoon.  I think typically late May and June is fine for the beach here, and the locals said it was the coldest May they had in 10 years, but if you want guaranteed beach weather then July/August is the time to go.

Cala Comte

On Saturday we headed to Cala Comte, a stunning beach and the most picturesque in my opinion.  There are two beaches on either side of a cliff, where a restaurant is perched on top in the center.  The restaurant, Sunset Ashram, overlooks the sparkling blue water and the sunset while house music plays in the background.  It’s one of those places you pinch yourself at how gorgeous it is!

Cala Comte, my favorite beach
Sunset Ashram at Cala Comte


The water at Cala Comte is crystal clear.





Cala Benirrás

Cala Benirrás was also gorgeous (honestly, all Ibiza beaches are so pretty!) and a must-do on Sundays for the drum down to the sunset.  My brother’s girlfriend is a rockstar and jumped in and drummed with the locals for a while!!

The Sunday we went we had mixed sun and clouds during the day, but by early evening the clouds burned away and the evening sun was beautiful.  The beach is surrounded by green cliffs on either side, and there is a large hippie market and nice beach restaurants.  It had everything you could want right on the beach!

Cala Benirrás


Drum down to the sunset at Cala Benirrás






Ibiza Clubs

As I mentioned in my last post, the beaches in Ibiza alone are worth a visit, but the club scene is what makes Ibiza.  There are some evening parties but in general the superclubs host themed parties each night and don’t open until midnight. Basically you go at 01:00 and dance with the pumping base and best djs until 05:00, 06:00, or later if you can make it!

This week we did the Dalt Vila party on Friday evening, Labrynth @Pacha Friday night, Elrow @Amnesia Saturday night, and Flower Power @Pacha Monday night.

Elrow at Amnesia

If you’re in Ibiza, get yourself to Elrow Amnesia on Saturday nights for a wild production!  Every week Elrow has a different theme and the week we were there the theme was Chinese Row Year.  The decorations are always insane, with themed actors on stilts walking through the crowd, pandas swinging above your head, dragons dancing through the crowd, lots of confetti, floaties, and more!


Flower Power at Pacha

I had been waiting to go to Flower Power for years but could never manage it since it was Monday night, and we finally got to go this year.  The djs play strictly 60s/70s/80s/90s music and does not have the deep base that you’d expect in clubs… and it was amazing!!!

The decor was also out of this world, the club smelled of vanilla incense, and dancers and surprises throughout the night made for a great party.  Peace, love, and hippie vibes abound.  Don’t forget to check out Pacha’s decor on the street once you leave the club… so many great photo spots!

Flower Power at Pacha





More from Ibiza town next. 🙂

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