Late Summer Getaway to Villefranche-Sur-Mer

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We took a late summer getaway to our favorite spot in the French Riviera, Villefranche-Sur-Mer.  Just one town east from popular Nice, this small town has it all: a great pebble beach, azure waters, colorful pastel buildings lining the sea in front of rocky cliffs, fabulous food, and charm exuding from every corner.  When we had a few days off at the end of summer, there was only one place we knew we wanted to be: We discovered VSM last year, using Nice as a home base and each day I planned for us to explore a different town by train.  […]

Bastille Day in Paris

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We had an epic Paris weekend recently celebrating Bastille Day on Saturday and Sunday France played in the World Cup championship to beat Croatia and become Champions du Monde! Paris is always magical but you guys… this weekend was epic!!! Bastille Day in France is 14 July and since this year it fell on a Saturday, celebrating it in Paris was a must-do for me! I had our trip booked about a year out 🙂 and it did not disappoint. If you can get to France for 14 July, do it! Paris has a spectacular fireworks show behind the Eiffel […]

Skiing the Portes du Soleil

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|Location: Chatel, France| Skiing the Portes du Soleil is one of my favorite winter vacations living in Stuttgart.  The ski area is quite large with a lot of connecting villages.  You can even ski from France into Switzerland and back within the day which I think is pretty awesome.  The Savoy region is an easy five hour drive from Stuttgart (well… that’s assuming you don’t put the wrong hotel into Google maps and drive an extra 2 hours through snowy Alpine switchbacks fearing your death… then drive two hours backtracking through the snowy switchbacks.  Long story you’ll have to ask […]

Exploring the Burgundy Region

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|Location: Dijon, Lyon, and Beaune, France| Burgundy needs no introduction, it’s one of the most famous wine regions of the world most famous for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes.  I’ve been wanting to explore the French Burgundy region for a while and we finally committed to exploring the cutest towns of Dijon, Lyon, and Beaune the other week!  I of course want to go back when the weather is warmer and that shouldn’t be a problem as Dijon is only a 4 hour drive from Stuttgart and Lyon, further south, is 6 hours away.  We explored it by car but […]

Why I Love Paris in the Winter

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There’s no doubt Paris can be enjoyed all year long, but I have to admit I love strolling this city in the winter.  After the Christmas season has come and gone, the city becomes authentic and it feels like we have it to ourselves.  Walk into virtually any restaurant and get a table, skip the crowds and say au revoir to waiting in long lines.  Soldes, the French sales are happening and make Parisian shopping even more exciting.  The opera season is in full swing and there’s a good chance you’ll be able to catch a show at the dazzling […]

Christmas Market Cheer

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When winter rolls in, everyone in Europe waits in anticipation for the Christmas markets to begin.  Luckily for us, Christmas markets originated in Germany and there are a plethora of markets to get you into the Holiday spirit.  I’ve made a list of my top four Christmas markets in Europe with a ton of information on each! Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt There’s always something to celebrate in Germany, and the Christmas season brings the most magical celebrations with Christmas markets in every German town.  The German Weihnachtsmarkt, or Christmas market, is something everyone needs to experience at least once.  If you’re lucky […]

Paris Fall Weekend

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|Location: Paris, France| I could spend the rest of my days in Paris and be so happy.  I’ve been more times than I can count but can never get enough of this fabulous city.  Thankfully it’s only a quick three hour train ride from Stuttgart and we make the most out of it!  We hopped over to Paris for the weekend to savor the Parisian life, eat at our favorite restaurants, and explore some new spots. Our favorite area to stay is the Rue Mouffetard area in the 5th arrondissement, near the Censier-Daubenton metro stop.  It’s a market street that […]