What to Do in Marrakech, Part 2

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Marrakech was one of my favorite places we’ve visisted and was bursting with hospitality, colors, and sights to see.  This post is a continuation of what to do in Marrakech, Part 1. Stay in Different Riads I highly recommend you stay in a few different riads when you visit Marrakech.  They become your mini paradise in the city and I wanted to make sure we could experience a few different styles.  There are so many gorgeous riads online, the hardest part will be choosing only a few to stay in!  We settled on Riad Yasmine and Riad Joharra, because I couldn’t […]

What to do in Marrakech, Part 1

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Location: Marrakech, Morocco Want to visit Marrakech but have no idea what to do?  I’ve got you covered!  I was so excited for this trip I did tons of research and we opted to spend all of our time in Marrakech to really get to know the city!  I’m breaking these ‘What to do in Marrakech’ posts into what we did each day.  We already want to come back to Morocco to explore the desert and other cities, but for now it’s all about the Red City: Marrakech. Relax in your Riad If the chaos of Marrakech begins wear on […]

Magical Marrakech, Morocco

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Plain and simple: I was absolutely mesmerized by Marrakech.  I fell hard for this magical city, a city that is an explosion for all of your senses. It’s an explosion of sights with vibrant colors everywhere (and I mean everywhere), from the deep Majorelle blue against the bright tumeric yellow accents, to the colorful goods filling every nook and cranny in the souks, to the gorgeous and intricate design works literally everywhere, to the varying shades of red clay of the buildings and floors. It’s an explosion of sounds walking through the streets and alleys full of people, bikes, motor bikes, wagons, donkeys, […]

Where to Stay and Eat in Piemonte Italy

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Make sure to read about what to do in the Piemonte in my post here! Stay If you visit the Piemonte area, make sure to stay in an Agriturismo, or a working farm house.  Agriturismos are similar to a B&B in the states.  They are small family run homes that own land (maybe farmland or in this region vineyards, fruit trees, and hazelnut trees) and are allowed to rent out rooms of their home for supplemental income not to exceed 50%.  You get to live with very accommodating locals, surrounded by vineyards.  It is heaven on earth. The past two […]

Italy’s Best Wine Region: Piemonte

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Psst… I’m going to let you in on a secret.  Italy’s best wine region?  It’s not Tuscany.  It’s further north, halfway between Milan and Nice, France.  I’m talking about the gorgeous rolling hills of Barbaresco and Barolo, Italy, the region known as The Langhe! Want to spend time unwinding amongst the rolling hills as far as the eye can see, drinking the best wine in Europe (in my opinion!), and eating delicious white truffles over tajarin or plin pasta all day long?  If yes, then the Langhe is for you my friends.  The Langhe is a geographic region in the […]

Paris Fall Weekend

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|Location: Paris, France| I could spend the rest of my days in Paris and be so happy.  I’ve been more times than I can count but can never get enough of this fabulous city.  Thankfully it’s only a quick three hour train ride from Stuttgart and we make the most out of it!  We hopped over to Paris for the weekend to savor the Parisian life, eat at our favorite restaurants, and explore some new spots. Our favorite area to stay is the Rue Mouffetard area in the 5th arrondissement, near the Censier-Daubenton metro stop.  It’s a market street that […]

London Vibes

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Location: London, England London is not your average European village.  It is a huge, vast city with a ton to offer.  It is almost impossible to explore over a single weekend, but the way our schedules worked, thats all we had and decided to make the most of it. We ended up staying in the banking district close to the Tower Bridge and it felt like NYC with skyscrapers and posh bars and chandeliers galore on the 42nd floor of a building.  I think it’d be the perfect area to throw on your favorite LBD for a fun celebratory night […]

A Volksfest Date Night

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Location: Stuttgart, Germany If you know of Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt’s Volksfest, or the Cannstatter Wasen, you may immediately think of large beer tents, loud fest music, lederhosen, dirndl, and liter biers.  And you would be absolutely correct. But the Wasen has a lot more to offer than just (really fun) beer halls.  It’s also an enormous fairground with crazy rides, carnival games, and delicious food stalls selling snacks and even meals.  It’s similar to county fairs in the States, but the German version has longer and more intense rides and of course you can get beer along the way. We’ve had some […]