A Volksfest Date Night

Location: Stuttgart, Germany

If you know of Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt’s Volksfest, or the Cannstatter Wasen, you may immediately think of large beer tents, loud fest music, lederhosen, dirndl, and liter biers.  And you would be absolutely correct.

But the Wasen has a lot more to offer than just (really fun) beer halls.  It’s also an enormous fairground with crazy rides, carnival games, and delicious food stalls selling snacks and even meals.  It’s similar to county fairs in the States, but the German version has longer and more intense rides and of course you can get beer along the way.

We’ve had some great dates recently and decided to take advantage of the Volksfest by making a date night out of it one evening after work.  It was so much fun!  We strolled the streets hand in hand, shot hoops (Dave won), kicked soccer balls (I won) and threw darts (I won we tied)… a little spousal competition is healthy ; ).  We ended up riding the Apollo 13, which is basically the scariest looking ride in the Wasen and simulates blasting off into space, and the Breakdance, what looks like an octopus and your seats twirl and fly around in the air of his rotating arms.  I loved both rides!  We had a fabulous date night and even hopped into a tent for a quick halbes Hähnchen und bier.




^^He knows girls love to be twirled.  Good man!



I am usually okay at arcade basketball  but I was absolutely horrible at this version!  I felt like the hulk overthrowing everything.  Thankfully Dave redeemed us.  If you need an ego boost, head to the darts.  They’re so close together that it’s pretty hard to miss!



This is Germany so of course you can make a bier pit stop between the fun and games.




I really love how the Volksfest turns into a magical place as the sun sets with an explosion of colors.  Add in the music, the delicious smells, and commotion, it makes for one exciting evening!


Get there:  We are lucky to have this event in our backyard!  It’s in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt.  Fly in to Stuttgart Airport, and take the S1, S2, S3, or S11 to Bad Cannstatt, or U-bahns to Mercedes Str, Cannstatter Wasen, or NeckarPark.  No need to drive!

Know:  The Volksfest is second in size only to the Oktoberfest, and if you ask me the Cannstatter Volksfest is better.  It comes to Stuttgart twice a year and lasts for 3 weekends and two work weeks.  The Frühlingsfest is in April/May and Volksfest in September/October, the perfect time to visit!  You can check out the schedules here and here.

Make sure to explore the Wasen, or fairgrounds, next time it comes into town.  It’s perfect for the whole family, or a simple, fun date!  What are your favorite Volksfest activities?

Thank you to sweet Christa of Christa Paustenbaugh Photography for the gorgeous date night pictures!

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