Plaza de España, Sevilla Spain

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The Plaza de España!  If you’ve been, your eyes widen when someone mentions it.  It’s an expansive plaza built on the outskirts of downtown Sevilla in 1928 for the 1929 World Fair, with blue, white, and yellow tiles galore set against soaring Spanish towers.  The architecture is that beautiful mix of Roman and Moorish, or oriental, that makes up what we now think of Andalusian architecture. The plaza is surrounded by a moat, with four tiled bridges crossing it.  Rent a boat if you’d like to paddle your sweetheart around. Those tiles… I promise you won’t be able to get […]

Exploring the Colorful, Tasty Streets of Sevilla, Spain

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Sevilla is a Spanish city bursting with life, culture, and passion.  It seems everything the Sevillanos do, they do with passion!  From flamenco dancing, to bull fights, to the chaos of eating tapas for lunch, to celebrating Corpus Christi with huge street parades in their Sunday best, Sevillanos do it all with passion and a big, friendly smile. Sevilla had been on our travel bucket list for a while and when we booked the big birthday trip to Ibiza with the fam, we were able to fly a quick hop from Ibiza to Sevilla.  It worked out perfectly and I highly […]

Magical Marrakech, Morocco

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Plain and simple: I was absolutely mesmerized by Marrakech.  I fell hard for this magical city, a city that is an explosion for all of your senses. It’s an explosion of sights with vibrant colors everywhere (and I mean everywhere), from the deep Majorelle blue against the bright tumeric yellow accents, to the colorful goods filling every nook and cranny in the souks, to the gorgeous and intricate design works literally everywhere, to the varying shades of red clay of the buildings and floors. It’s an explosion of sounds walking through the streets and alleys full of people, bikes, motor bikes, wagons, donkeys, […]