What to Wear to Tomorrowland

I’m explaining what I wore to Tomorrowland 2018!  Compared to the States, Europe is much more relaxed in festival outfits which I enjoy – no pressure to wear anything crazy, but if you want to elevate your look you totally can.  My number one tip is to wear what you’ll be comfortable in!  My number two tip is to plan your outfits ahead of time so you’re stress free in the festival, and can focus on having fun and feeling beautiful.

Day 1: Thursday – Travel Day, Check in to Dreamville and the Gathering Party



I kept this outfit simple since it was a travel day and I didn’t want to wear something specific for The Gathering.  Striped cropped tube top and black shorts, with some fun red cat-eye sunglasses (10€!)

Striped crop top (similar here and here), black jean shorts, and red sunglasses

Day 2: Friday at Tomorrowland



I love this fun two piece set!  The design reminds me of confetti and celebrations 🙂 and I think the jewels matched the outfit perfectly!  I paired the jewels with white, pink, purple, and green glitter around my eyes.  Hair up in a ponytail because it was H-O-T that day, 37C!

top and shorts, colorful jewels (similar), and white, pink, purple, and green glitter.

Day 3: Saturday at Tomorrowland





This was my favorite outfit of the trip!  The 2018 TML theme was The Story of Planaxis, an underwater sea theme and I channeled some mermaid vibes for this one!

A green shimmery sequin crop top was the highlight of the outfit, and I found the perfect green, blue and white jewels to go with it!  I added a lot of green, white and purple glitter around my eyes and my husband surprised me (again!) with a handmade flower crown adorned with seashells and seahorses, which matched the main stage’s design perfectly.  I was in heaven!!  Outfit completed with high waisted jean shorts and closed toed shoes.

Sequined crop top, BDG shorts, flower crown (handmade), green and blue jewels (similar), green, white, purple glitter.

Day 4: Sunday at Tomorrowland



I’ve had this really fun mesh top for a year and finally pulled it out to wear on Sunday at TML!  I paired it with a white bra and black jean shorts and I really liked the overall look.  Pink, white, and purple glitter matched the top and I had lots of colorful bracelets as well!

Mesh top (old, similar here), Aubade bra and matching set, black shorts, pink, white, purple glitter


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