Skiing in Verbier, Switzerland

We headed to the Swiss Alps for a long weekend of skiing, friends, après-ski, birthday celebrations, and tons of gorgeous alpine views.  It was packed full of pure winter bliss!

Verbier is an alpine ski town that sits at 1500m in the south-west of Switzerland.  The area is close to France and the Chamonix / Mont Blanc region and French is spoken.  It is one village of les 4 Vallées, or the four valleys, with two main lifts taking you to the slopes from town, but connects to other mountains of the four valleys.

We spent our time on the Medran and Savoleyres lift areas.  The slopes were wide and fast, and the high elevation made for great long runs.  We had the best time skiing with friends and exploring the mountains. It is such a great feeling to breathe in the fresh mountain air, look around and see 360 degrees of snow covered mountains, and know everything you see is your playground to explore.


Life is pretty good. : )
Walking through the beautiful Alpine village of Verbier
My favorite kind of selfie

Dave and I still rent skis so we can try as many different types as possible to find what really works for us.  The guys at Ski Service were so great and I found my favorite pair I’ve ever ridden pictured below.  They’re Zag all mountain skis and I fell hard for them!  I took these babies off piste and got hooked.  It’s a whole ‘nother adventure on powder!  I couldn’t help but hoot and holler a few times from flying down the mountain. 🙂  The skis are a French brand so I’ve been on a search to find a reseller close by that carries the newer versions!




Aprés ski at Le Rouge

After a good day on (and off) the slopes, head down to the aprés ski bars for DJs, drinks, and a good time.  We enjoyed the outdoor aprés ski at Le Rouge, and the larger indoor hut style of Relais des Neiges.

I think I always appreciate living in Stuttgart the most in the winter.  We can be in the best ski resorts of Austria, France, Switzerland, or Germany within a 3 to 5 hour drive.  We can usually ski a full last day and be home for dinner in Stuttgart!


What are your favorite winter activities?  I absolutely love to ski and am so thankful for the opportunity to here in Europe! <3


Get There

Verbier is about a 5.5 hour drive south from Stuttgart.  You’ll pass Zurich and head to Lake Geneva then cut east to Verbier.


If you can, make sure to stay in Verbier town.  There’s a lot of apartment options if hotels aren’t available.  Otherwise you would take the Le Chable lift just to get to Verbier town each day and hop on the Medran or Savoleyres lift from there.


Need a locker?  They have plenty at the Medran lift.  We used it for two of the days and it was great!

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    1. I know!! During the rest of the year I almost forget how much I love it until we’re back on the mountain! I was actually thinking of you – when we are back in the states we’d love to check out Park City one year!!

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